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Where I'm at - the_ragnarok_d

Date: 2012-09-14 18:09
Subject: Where I'm at
Security: Public
I am:

- 26, turning 27 next week. This is as good a time as any to look at my life and choices.
- Married, and very pleased with my choice of partner.
- Occasionally interested in other people, but probably monogamy is actually better for me since I don't know how to get sexy without getting serious, and that's too complicated for me.
- Very uncertain about gender. I have no idea what it means in regard to me. I've come to the conclusion that I'm mildly... genderqueer? Agender? I've defined my gender as 'programmer', 'ooloi', 'NULL', 'beastie' and some other things at different times. Right now I'm happy with it being undefined and occasionally talking about myself in male language, just for variety's sake.
- Attracted to geeks, engineers and analytical-minded persons, especially if they're good with their hands. Also if they have penises, because penises are awesome, but that's really not a deal breaker or anything. (Though my monogamy kind of is, I suppose.)
- Doing a degree in math and computer science, which I love.
- Probably more of a math fan than mathematician, though.
- Okay with that.
- Decent-plus at writing, I guess. Have my focus on other places at the moment.
- Okay with that, too.
- Very bad at all the small details of being an adult, like making doctor appointments and making household repairs.
- Working (full time for the summer, part-time once school starts) at a company whose organizational policy I Highly Approve of, hoping to keep working there full time when out of school.
- That person at dinner who keeps going on about her job. And occasionally math. Or gerbils. Or the patriarchy, I do that a lot, too.
- A feminist. An equalist, where humans are concerned. Not vegetarian nor vegan, though I kind of feel guilty about that. Therefore,
- Trying to cut down on my meat intake.
- Avoiding RL politics as hard as I can. Seriously. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
- Reading a shitload of fic to accomplish said avoidance. Mostly Teen Wolf fic.
- Not exactly in Teen Wolf fandom, even so, I just read ALL THE THINGS and watched the first ep and beta'd one fic and okay maybe I am in the fandom. A little.
- Scared of getting sucked in by anything major right now. I have a job and school, and while I miss staying up till 4 AM squeeing on twitter, neither can I really afford that right now.
- Trying to convince myself I can do a fandom part-time.
- Trying to write original stories again. For a given value of 'original', anyway.
- Less independent than I used to be.
- Better at getting help when I need it.
- Way more social than I used to be. Less cool about being alone. Better about finding company. Not as good at protecting my alone time.
- A work in progress.
- But progressing pretty well, I think.
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User: being_here
Date: 2012-09-14 16:47 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Sounds like a good place to be, and lovely to hear from you again xx
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User: the_ragnarok_d
Date: 2012-09-15 12:25 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Not at all a bad place, nope. /hugs how've you been?
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